Opportunities and challenges for workers’ participation in Europe

Workshop: Workers’ participation in corporate governance

Organized by the European Workers’ Participation Competence Centre of the European Trade Union Institute (ETUI) and the Confederación de Comisiones Obreras (CCOO)

When: Monday, 23 April2018 (9:00 – 17:30)

Where: Escuela Muñiz Zapico, Calle Longares, 6, 28022 Madrid (España), Metro: Las Musas


9:00                Welcome

9:15                 Opening and introduction

                        Aline Hoffmann, ETUI and Cristina Faciabén, CCOO

9:45                The modernization of Spanish industrial relations: standing by trade union participation

Unai Sordo, CCOO and Josu Bilbao, Confebask

Moderation: Cristina Faciabén 

10:30              Coffee break

11:00             What role for workers in the democratization of corporate governance?Review and prospects

Mario del Rosal Crespo, Economist.

Isabelle Ferreras, Université de Louvain.

Moderation: Sara Lafuente Hernández, ETUI

12:30             The state of participation in corporate governance: a European perspective

Paul de Beer, Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Labour Studies (AIAS), Universiteit van Amsterdam.

Sara Lafuente Hernández, ETUI

European Trade Union Confederation(tbc)

Moderation: Bruno Estrada, CCOO

14:00             Lunch and coffee

15:00              Trade Unions and participation in the company: practice and exchange of experience

Rafael Guerrero, representative in the EWC of Volkswagen.

Karin Åberg, representative in the board of directors and EWC of Ericsson

Óscar Romero, supervisory board of Fresenius.

French CGT representative in board of directors (tbc)

German IG Metall representative in supervisory board(tbc)

Moderation: Aline Hoffmann, ETUI

17:00              Conclusions y closure

Sara Lafuente Hernández, ETUI and Bruno Estrada, CCOO