Isabelle Ferreras


How to get involved?

Yes, the time for transition is NOW. As with all democratic transitions, it is a matter of civic participation. So, how can you get involved?

Here are several ways you might want to consider. Just choose one to start:
  • share the video via your social networks, and discuss the urgency of democratizing firms ;
  • buy 1 copy of the book to speed up the release of the PaperBack version at a much decent price!
  • send 1 copy of the book to your trade union representative or to your CEO, or to both ;
  • get organized: send an email with the video trailer to 3 of your colleagues to invite them to a brown-bag lunch in oder to discuss the ideas ;
  • or send an invitation featuring the video trailer to the investors in your firm, and start a conversation with them around the issues at hand ;
  • ready to review the book for a journal? That would be greatly helpful! Let us know and CUP will send you a copy.
  • other ideas? share ideas via:
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