Isabelle Ferreras



Teaching in 2019-2020

Given my appointment as a senior tenured fellow of the FNRS, my focus is on research. Still, I enjoy teaching very much. I teach two classes at Louvain:

  • Sociologie du travail (Fall/1er quadrimestre) LTRAV2200 – With prof. Matthieu de Nanteuil Economy and Society
  • Economy and Society (Fall/1st quadrimestre). Taught in English/enseigné en anglais ECON2530 – With prof. Géraldine Thiry

Since 2017, I am also teaching in the Trade Union Program, the executive program tailored for union leaders, organized by the Labor and Worklife Program at Harvard University. The program is held annually in Cambridge MA in January/February-March. See

Teaching experience

  • Since 2010, Sociologie du travail (LTRAV 2200) avec Matthieu de Nanteuil, Matser en sciences du travail, UCL (enseigné en français)
  • Since 2009, Economy and Society (ECON 2340) with Christian Arnspegrer, Masters Program in Economics, UCL (taught in English)
  • Fall 2006-Spring 2009: Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium, Associate Professor (chargé de cours), Faculté ouverte de politique économique et sociale. “Politique, acteurs et decision”, introductory class in political science and the Belgian political system (30 hours) (enseigné en Français/taught in French)
  • Spring-Summer 2007: University of Bremen, Germany, DAAD Guest Professor:
    • European Labour Relations (30h) (Masters Program in European Labour Studies) (taught in English);
    • Research Perspectives, Doctoral seminar (30h) (Graduate School for Social Sciences) (taught in English);
  • Fall 2005-Spring 2009: Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium, seminar co-organizer with Axel Gosseries (FNRS, ETES) “Workplace democracy Workshop” (monthly seminar with guests). Co-editor of the WDW working paper series (French/English).
  • Fall 2004: Harvard University, USA, Harvard College, Teaching Fellow for Professor Glyn Morgan, “The Public and the Private in Politics, Morality, and Law” (30 hours).