Online – Kick off talk to « The Future of Work » (November 26-27, 2021 – Roma/online)

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« Work at the Crossroads is the kick-off talk introducing The Future of Work, an international conference focusing on changes and future developments in labour markets, education and labour relations. The discussion will bring together three perspectives, analysing past, present and future developments of work. 

The talk will include speakers Isabelle FERRERAS (University of Louvain), Jakub SAMOCHOWIEC (GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institut), Christian DE VITO (Worlds of Related Coercions in Work) and moderated by Mara DE MONTE (Interim Director, TASC Platform, The Graduate Institute).

This event is part of the ongoing series of Istituto Svizzero DISPUTE, a platform of exchange on globalization and the future of our societies. By introducing a new topic every year, the forum aims to strengthen civic participation and public debate.

The encounter is organized in collaboration with the Embassy of Switzerland in ItalyUniversity of Lausanne and LUISS University in Rome. »

Image credits: Istituto Svizzero, related webpage