#2 January 25, 2023
Assessing Global Progress in Advancing the Job Guarantee

Time: 7am San Francisco | 9am Mexico City | 10am Montreal-NYC-Bogota | 12pm Santiago | 4pm Paris | 5pm Johannesburg | 8.30pm New Delhi | 10pm Jakarta | 2am Sydney 

Location: online

Organizers: #DemocratizingWork and OSUN Economic Democracy Initiative

Speakers: Kate Philip (Programme Lead on the Presidential Employment Stimulus in South Africa), Olivier De Schutter (UN Special Rapporteur on Extreme Poverty and Human Rights), Diego Guevara (General Vice Minister for Finance, Colombia) and Daniel Rojas Medellin (Director, Special Assets Agency, Colombia) as speakers,  Simon Azza (Advisor, Special Assets Agency) and Manuel Martinez (Advisor, Ministry of Finance, Colombia) as discussants, and Pavlina R. Tcherneva (Bard College) as chair

The job guarantee proposal charts a concrete path to securing the second pillar of the Democratizing Work manifesto, namely to decommodify work. It is an economic policy that provides open-ended public employment opportunities to anyone seeking decent, living-wage work. It is a structural stabilization policy that alleviates the economic, social, and political costs of unemployment and precarious employment. It is equity-driven and draws on a long tradition of human rights and social justice.

This panel brings experts and policymakers who are developing or already managing large-scale national employment policies informed by the principles of the job guarantee. There are multi-pronged strategies for securing the right to decent work to all and developing employment-centered economic policies. 

With the threat of unemployment still a significant risk to societies around the world in the aftermath of COVID-19, we must act to ensure that all people who seek a job have access to one, whenever it is needed, and which  allows them to live with dignity and contribute to their communities.

The event is free but registration is mandatory: bit.ly/demwork_jg